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Hard Core Wrist Supports


Flexsports Hard Core Wrist Supports: *Neoprene and Webbing Combination *Ultimate Support *3 Sizes For Perfect Fit




Product Description

  • Made in the USA

    Flexsports Hard Core (BAD-ASS) Wrist Supports are manufactured from high-quality neoprene along with nylon webbing, fabric loop strapping and a steel buckle. The neoprene is double lined with nylon for added comfort, durability and is the material used in the construction of wet suits. These BAD-ASS wrist supports are water resistant, washable and offers excellent padded support while insulating and retaining the body's natural heat.

    The Flexsports Hard Core (BAD-ASS) Wrist Supports uses a solid metal buckle to provide the leverage needed to adjust these wraps to the ultimate compression and can help provide support, stability to the wrist area for many activities. Wrist supports can also help relieve many ailments and discomforts that are associated with the wrist.

    Flexsports Hard Core (BAD-ASS) Wrist Supports come in 3 standard sizes:

    Small - wrist diameter under 6.5" (165mm)
    Medium - wrist diameter 6.5" - 7.5" (165mm-190mm)
    Large - wrist diameter over 7.5" (190mm)

    To apply: insert loose strap through metal loop, put hand through the created opening, pull back strap from the metal buckle and fasten closure to secure.